Previously, I taught a high school reading literacy class, and some students came to me on second or third grade levels. All of my students were reading below the ninth grade level. When we first began the class, I researched what best practices in teaching all five components of reading to high school students. Part of my program included Great Leaps Fluency. As a class, we had fluency partner time with Great Leaps at least three times per week for the entire school year. I used other measures for comprehension and vocabulary; however, I attribute much of the success of this class (over a seven-year period) to the Great Leaps program.

As I reflect upon our success, many students come to mind, but I will mention Daric and Jessica. When Daric came to me reading on a fourth grade level. He had no ambition whatsoever to finish high school. By the end of that year, he was reading on an eighth grade level. Not only did he finish high school, he also completed an Associate's Degree and is now in management.

Jessica came to me at a fifth grade reading level, and we had her on grade level when she exited the class. She is now a CNA; she also had no ambition of higher education coming into the class. Not only does the regular practice of reading fluently aloud increase their reading levels, but it also gives students the confidence they need to be successful in other classes.

Many students throughout the years have told me how they were unafraid after our reading class to be called upon to read aloud in class. Now as an instructional supervisor for our district, I encourage teachers who have struggling readers to give Great Leaps a try. I know it works!

Debbie F.
District Instructional Supervisor 9-12
Munfordville, Kentucky

Teachers & Instructors

Great Leaps has made a tremendous impact on my students. Whether the diagnosis is Dyslexia, ADHD, or a Processing Disorder, all of the students have improved. With daily work, one 3rd grade girl moved from an early 1st grade level in reading to a 3rd grade chapter book with good comprehension in 2 months. Her parents and I were thrilled. One classroom teacher reported a middle school boy had greatly improved his fluency. Elementary students were excited to see their timed multiplication tests posted on bulletin boards with the rest of the class. Thank you Ken Campbell for creating such a wonderful, user-friendly program to help students learn. I look forward to using any new materials you produce!

Anita B.
Academic Resource Specialist
Indian Trail, NC


When our daughter was in first grade my husband and I were called into the school office for a meeting. I was shocked when I heard the words come out of this teacher's mouth, she said that our daughter would never read and most likely, if she graduated, she would graduate with a special diploma. Our daughter was diagnosed with a severe case of dyslexia and also a short memory deficiency disorder. On top of that she had a severe case of ADD.

The school had no plan to help her succeed. No one had a plan. Ken was so kind to come to meetings to fight for Samantha on our behalf to no avail. Fast forward- Samantha was in four schools in six years. Her I.Q. was high, but her learning level low. She did not fit anywhere in the schools program. Ken took the time to meet with our daughter and started her on Great Leaps. We started the process every day at home. What a wonderful change to positively reinforce learning instead of negatively like her daughter was learning in the school system. Fast forward again up to last week. Our daughter graduated from high school. She had four honor chords, a decorated pin and 3.4 GPA. Thanks to Ken and Great Leaps, and a lot of hard work, we made it and will always be grateful.

Jody & Alex F.
Alachua County, Florida


I am an Orton-Gillingham trained tutor in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. I have been augmenting my students' lessons with Great Leaps for about 10 years. Although Great Leaps is primarily designed to help students with fluency, I find it to be even more helpful for the kids who struggle with accuracy. So many of these kids have struggled for so many years with their learning disability before coming to me for help, that they have developed the habit of reading too quickly while making several errors in their reading. But I have found that they tend to be goal-oriented and really enjoy passing each page of the Great Leaps program. Since the program requires strict attention to accuracy, the students develop the new habit of focusing more on being careful. Once their accuracy improves, their reading speed skyrockets.

My original K-2 Greats Leaps program is in shreds from using it with almost all of my students since I purchased it. So I just called Great Leaps this morning to order another copy.

Thank you so much for this wonderful program that has helped so many of my kids.

Kathy F.
Minneapolis, Minnesota