Mastery of Reading is Fundamental to Education

Great Leaps reading is designed to assist individuals of all ages to efficiently achieve reading fluency. Different versions are available for students from ages five to adult. Great Leaps reading fluency manuals are age appropriate. The purpose of the program is to build reading accuracy and speed as well as expressive language skills.

Students in all fifty states have responded with significant, measurable gains in their reading and related skills in a short period of time. Great Leaps reading is also in over forty countries helping students learn the fundamentals of reading the English language. Great Leaps reading fluency is based on the fundamentals of immediate correction, modeling and daily measurements of progress.


Great Leaps reading solves reading problems for a variety of students with learning disabilities and quickly advances the skills of those with moderate challenges. Initially created to solve serious reading problems, Great Leaps reading has proven it can very quickly advance all students. Anyone who needs to significantly improve their reading fluency can benefit from our programs.

Students work individually with an instructor and the materials for less than ten minutes per day (three to four days per week minimum). The materials (one instructor and one student manual) are age appropriate and comprehensive. One purchase will provide the materials for up to three years worth of remedial work for a student. For example, the high school book can take a non-reading high school student to an independent reading level. Similar progress is made with all age appropriate Great Leaps reading fluency books. Depending upon the severity of the reading problem, a one to two year intervention is most often needed.


Each program comes with all necessary materials and instructions. Schools and tutors should purchase one Great Leaps reading package (one manual for the instructor along with a student manual). Parents or independent tutors need to purchase only the instructor manual.

Great Leaps reading is separated into three major areas: phonics, sight phrases and stories. Phonics is developing and mastering essential sight-sound relationships and/or sound awareness skills. The sight phrase section is mastering high frequency words while developing and improving focusing skills and the ability to "chunk" small pieces of meaning. The stories section is focused on reading fluency by using age-appropriate stories specifically designed to build reading fluency, reading motivation, and proper intonation. This section also includes an important intervention in developing expressive language and reading comprehension. Each story has at least 3 depth of knowledge questions for each of the four depth of knowledge levels: recall, skill/concept, strategic thinking and extended thinking..


Supplementary stories for all levels are available in the two Great Leaps Reading Stories Collections, one for elementary students and one for all students (elementary to high school). These collections contain the published stories as well as a considerable number of additional stories. The Stories Collections are not necessary to implement progress, as sufficient stories are included in the programs to meet all anticipated needs; but they are recommended. All Great Leaps reading programs begin at a very low reading level and work progressively toward more difficult material.


The phonics section takes students from identifying sounds in isolation to being able to sound out cvc, cvcc, and cvce patterns. The section concludes with work in prefixes and suffixes. This enables students to (with contextual clues) decode unknown words with a high degree of success. Great Leaps phonics is a simplified intervention that allows parents and instructors to implement an effective intervention without extensive training.


The sight phrases section uses phrases to teach high frequency words and eliminate errors while significantly increasing focusing skills. Teaching high frequency words in isolation has not worked for most students with reading problems. Though the student could learn the words in isolation, the high rate of contextual errors would continue.

The Great Leaps approach of using sight phrases helps to minimize the age old problems of readers continuously missing words such as: these, them, those, of, off and from. Students often make substitutions that can seriously interrupt the coherency of a passage.Great Leaps reading was the first major published program to actively use "sight phrases" for the express purpose of sight (high frequency) word generalization. The newest edition includes substantive work in over 750 of the most commonly used words in conversational English, as well as common abbreviations and symbols.


When students are challenged by the consonants b/d or p/q, reading proficiency is dramatically slowed. For instructors who have identified this challenges with their student, Great Leaps has nine consonant reversal probes located in the Appendix of the sight phrases section.


The stories have all been designed and written by Kenneth Campbell to not only significantly increase reading fluency, but also to motivate students to continue reading. Point of view, humor, rhyme, and rhythm are all designed to contribute to a powerful fluency-building intervention. Kenneth imbedded many research-based decisions into the stories so that the intervention, though simple to use, gets results often at a higher level than programs involving more expense, time and training.


As students achieve goals in each area of concern, they advance to a more challenging next step. Each step in Great Leaps reading has been designed to follow the previous step in a very structured and consecutive manner. We account for minute distinctions in readability while other programs tend to lump all of a grade level's stories together. From our perspective, there is considerable difference between a story at third grade, first month and third grade, ninth month. For the first time in their lives, many students begin experiencing consistent reading success and respond accordingly. Our stories are very carefully graded for progressive improvement.


Depth of Knowledge (DOK) activities were added to Great Leaps reading programs when we noticed that across the country, many student comprehension scores reached a plateau at a third grade level. Analysis showed us that the student expressive language skills were also at about the third grade level. Common sense tells us that students cannot comprehend beyond their ability to understand language; so to break down the "third grade comprehension wall" expressive language skills need to be vastly improved.

Great Leaps responded to this challenge through the incorporation of DOK activities. These activities serve as a gateway to gain access to the student's previous experience, as well as to present and reinforce content related vocabulary. Depth of Knowledge activities are designed to provide the opportunity to expand on the student's previous experiences, as well as to present and reinforce content related vocabulary. The four DOK levels are recall, skill/concept, strategic thinking and extended thinking. By strengthening the student's vocabulary and depth of knowledge skills, Great Leaps reading expects to help bring down "the third grade wall" in reading comprehension.


Great Leaps reading has been researched and used successfully in many schools across the country. Our programs have the support of general education, special education and reading specialists in many universities. One of the differences between Great Leaps and other programs is that well researched decisions have been built into the materials to allow professional staff, parents, volunteers, and classroom assistants to successfully implement current research-based educational practices.


A typical training session for future practitioners takes about three hours. New editions have user friendly easy to follow instructions in the introductory pages of each section. There are also instructions on most of the pages in the instructor manual. Many users find the instructions that come with the program sufficient to begin implementation without training. For more information about arranging a training session for your district call 1-877-475-3277 or send an email to us at


Areas that have implemented the Great Leaps reading program (from New York City to Lexington, Kentucky) have shown similar results. At-risk and dysfunctional readers are learning to read - many in a short period of time. Approximately 25% of the students presently surveyed showed two to five years of oral reading growth in less than six months! Most students achieve a two-year gain in one year.

Whenever Great Leaps has been utilized with other programs in a coordinated, highly professional intervention, dyslexic students have shown tremendous growth. Students at any level who need to improve reading fluency and expressive language skills will find our programs very effective. Great Leaps reading has chosen to take aim at specific areas of reading, and we do that well.


Great Leaps reading philosophy recognizes the exceptional value of human encouragement. Students work individually with an instructor - an elder student, teacher, tutor, parent, school personnel or community volunteer - who provide dynamic and supportive human interaction to quickly advance student progress. Measurable results are easily documented. Our programs can be done anywhere with any helpful instructor.

The programs have benefited educators, parents and students with our proven, research based and results oriented educational tools. Intervention programs are very important to students of all ages who have fallen behind and need the assistance to make a leap to their next level of reading fluency and comprehension.


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