K-2 Reading Program

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Great Leaps K-2 is for the emergent reader. The program is for all 5 and 6 year olds and can greatly help bring struggling 7 year olds to reading fluency. The program materials have four parts: sound awareness (phonological/phonemic awareness), letter recognition and phonics, high frequency sight words and phrases, and stories for oral reading. Students will gain knowledge and reading proficiency from working with a tutor or parent and moving page-by-page to systematically and progressively achieve goals.

Sound awareness helps children understand that speech and reading are composed of small units of sound and these exercises build the foundation for reading. Letter recognition and phonics teaches letter-to-sound correspondences. High frequency or sight words form the basic words and phrases most often used in children's books. The stories included in the K-2 program were expressly written to motivate children to read. They are interesting and learner-friendly because of brevity, content and rhythm.

Comprehensive instructions for effectively using the K-2 program are included in the introduction and easy to use Reading Progress Charts are included in the Appendix.

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NOTE: Please allow additional time, as these products are out of print and need to be specially ordered.