Language Growth for Emergent Readers

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Don't let the complexity and formality of the title confuse you; like all Great Leaps' products, Language Growth is simple to implement, priced affordably and is of the highest educational standards. It is innovative in its quest to fill in the language gaps of students at risk or to establish a firm foundation in emergent reading for students not at risk.

Understanding how language works has been shown to be an essential skill in reading preparation for children. Daily practice in focused work will prepare youngsters for the reading challenges ahead. For the parent at home wanting to insure their child has a jump start in reading, this is a valuable set of activities that can begin productively as early as age two and a half. When the child has the language ability to speak in five or six word sentences and answer simple questions, the work can productively begin. If there is no language acuity, then the student is not yet ready to begin.

Language Growth is also an excellent program for Head Start Programs and in early classroom settings.

These lessons go beyond what has been regularly offered, taking students to very difficult lessons in language development and awareness. Not all students, nor adults, have the language abstraction abilities in our later lessons; but for the children who can benefit from very gifted work, the lessons are there.

For those working with children in small groups, such as pre-schools, the lessons can begin as early as age three and are certainly aimed at four and five year olds. The groups should consist of four to six children of similar language abilities and take about thirty to forty-five minutes per day.

There is evidence to suggest that daily work in language development and acuity can be worth IQ points to the children. The plans are laid out simply so pre-school teachers can enjoyably implement the activities within days of receiving the book.

For those working with at risk children such as those in Head Start programs or kindergarten programs, the daily and direct nature of the lessons and interventions will help prepare them and strengthen their language background for first and second grade reading. For those working with children with language deficiencies from lack of language exposure, these lessons are of paramount importance in preparing the children for the language demands that early reading instruction requires.

As more than one highly regarded research study has shown, these are the very children failing, dropping out of our schools and into prisons at very high rates. Such failure in our educational system must be eliminated.

This book not only clearly organizes the necessary work to bring about mastery of phonological awareness (including phonemic and morphemic awareness); it provides a host of daily activities to bring about and reinforce proficiency in these areas.

Language Growth includes up to two years of activities as well as the rationales, definitions and clear descriptions of all the activities and interventions.

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