Language Growth for Grades 3-8

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Phonological awareness coupled with language skills form the foundation of solid reading skills. These fundamentals are lacking in most of our children having reading difficulties. Great Leaps Language Growth for Grades 3-8, in sequential lessons for either the individual or small group, works to build these skills in increments from ten to forty five minutes a day.

For those working with at risk students, the daily and direct nature of the lessons and interventions will help prepare them and strengthen their language background, essential for later comprehension. For those working with students with language deficiencies from the lack of language exposure, these lessons are of paramount importance in preparing them for the language demands that reading comprehension requires.

This book not only clearly organizes the necessary work to bring about mastery of phonological awareness (including phonemic and morphemic awareness); it provides a host of daily activities to bring about and reinforce proficiency in these areas.

Great Leaps Language Growth for Grades 3-8 includes up to two years of activities as well as the rationales, definitions and clear descriptions of all the activities and interventions.